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Meredithbead newsletter
November/December 2008
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November/December 2008

This is a season for Thanksgiving.

First of all, thanks to everyone who wrote to inquire about my family and home during the recent fires. We were surrounded on almost three sides. Fires raged 3 miles to the north (Brea), 5 miles to the east (Yorba Linda) and 5 miles southeast (Anaheim Hills.) Air thick with acrid smoke and ash falling in our yard. We get fires almost every autumn due to hot dry Santa Ana winds igniting dried brown brush — but in the 28 years I’ve lived in SoCali, this is the closest the flames have been. Scary. Thanks for the safety of my home and family.

Thanks to those of you who sent in a pledge for Komen Foundation’s Race For The Cure. Every dollar donated is one dollar closer to finding a cure for cancer. Thanks because I’ve survived ten years since being diagnosed.

The winner of the $50 gift certificate is Sharon M. of Ontario, Canada.

Thanks for our health, our families, our friends, our loved ones. Thanks for the roof over our head and food on our table. Thanks to strangers who help those in need.

This is definitely a season for Thanksgiving.

November has two birthstones, citrine and topaz. Citrine (clear pale amber yellow) and smoky topaz/quartz (clear mink brown) are semi-precious variations of quartz and are used to enhance digestion, soothe anxieties, and increase awareness. I have several jewelry items containing these stones. Precious topaz comes in blue, pink, sherry, and yellow and is used to open spiritual awareness at the crown, and calm the physical body and emotions. I currently don’t have this topaz.

Turquoise is the birthstone for December. It increases physical and emotional vibrancy and protects the body against pollution. (Maybe I should’ve worn more turquoise when I was breathing all that smoke?) Turquoise is seen as a healing stone in cultures from Native American to Tibet. I carry many pieces of jewelry where turquoise is the main or secondary element.

As always, I’m happy to create your special orders using these, or any other stones.


1. My secondary supply website, has been moved lock, stock and toggle clasp over to

The old website no longer exists except to forward you to the new one, in case you forget to change your bookmarks. Currently it contains pearl beads and strands, gemstone strands, vermeil clasps, a few pewter items, and copper clasps and large beads. More items should be added in 2009 but for the moment I’m pretty webbed-out. If I have to measure millimeters on one more clasp...

2. I’ve created a brand-new website to showcase my ethnic and religious designs. At craft fairs, this is one of my major selling directions, and I wanted to gather these styles under one roof. For Autumn 2008, the website will concentrate on the four December holidays: Hanukkah, Christmas, Solstice, and Kwanzaa. In 2009, I’ll add more cultural influences.

Prices and product in all of my websites are up-to-date at this moment.


I'm looking for new web customers. Some of my best sales have come from referrals, so I'm asking for your help now.

Between now and the end of 2008, if you refer someone to any of my sites — jewelry, supplies, books and including gift certificates — whatever their merchandise total is, you'll get 10% of that in credit for any of my sites. (Of course, they/you have to tell me you referred them, or I won't know!) You can accumulate credit from several friends to be used in one order, or use your credit over time. Please feel free to pass my links on to anyone you think might be interested!

Not only is my stuff great for you, but it makes a really great GIFT as well. In a season when many people are budgeting — just think about it, you can earn some of your gift shopping for free. Plus you'll get free shipping on your first cash-in regardless of where you live. (The people you refer will pay regular shipping charges.)

I ran this offer once before during my off-season. This is the first time I've done this before the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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