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Meredithbead newsletter
June 2009
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                               June 2009
Happy almost-summer!

Since the last newsletter 6 months ago, I've added 70-80 new jewelry pictures to my combined websites, and removed almost that many.  Some of the old pictures were ... old, and I'm sure you were as tired of them as I was.  If you haven't looked through my websites in a while, surf on over and see what's new! 

I've targeted another 30-40 pics that have "AXE ME!" written all over them, and will work on replacing those throughout the summer.


From June 10-14 I'm participating in Etsy's 2nd annual Yart Sale, infinitely more fun than waking up at 6am to referee people fighting over $1 junk.  During YART, ten items in my Etsy shop will be always on sale, for at least 20% off. As items sell, I'll add new ones so my YART section always has 10 items.
If you don't have Paypal, you can purchase via the usual email.  Monday morning, everything will revert back to full price.


June's birthstones are pearl and moonstone. 
Metaphysical properties:
Pearl balances and soothes emotions. 6th chakra and third eye.
Moonstone helps balance the fluid systems in the body and ease menstrual cramps. 6th chakra.

I have lots of brand new pearl jewelry here:

and pearl supply beads and strands here:

I have a few scattered jewelry items with moonstone.  E- me if you need help finding them. 


Today's metal prices:
Gold $953.75
Silver $15.39

What this means: 
Silver was stable for several months but now seems to be climbing again.  Gold just keeps going up, up, up --- although not at last year's insane rates.  Remember, I always sell findings at purchase price -- not current market -- so you can get some really good deals on slower-moving items.

Until we e- again,

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