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Meredithbead newsletter
October 2008
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October 2008

Long time no write! OK, that would be me, not you. I’ve been busy with all kinds of ...stuff... and great intentions. The good news is, none of the stuff was bad stuff — just lots of personal and business projects, some of which never seemed to get done.

Probably the best news on the jewelry front is that silver and gold prices have finally stabilized. (Just like gasoline prices, uh-huh.) At least I’m not getting as much sticker shock when I order supplies.

I’ve been re-organizing my supply websites. Pearl strands and beads are now at

Pendants are at

All pierced earwires have been moved onto one page

as opposed to being in several places.

All of my supply pages link to all the others.

My jewelry sites have a bunch of new pictures scattered throughout. More will be coming in the next few months.

October’s birthstone is opal. Opal helps to align emotions and stabilize mood swings. All of my opals are laboratory-grown, chemically identical to ground opals but I don’t know how lab-grown affects properties. I do know that they’re much less expensive, harder (less likely to break) and really beautiful. I carry opal jewelry but not supplies.

On the personal front, on Sunday I’m walking in the Race For The Cure, to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer. As a ten-year survivor, I’m celebrating by holding a RAFFLE, where the prize is a $50 gift certificate to any of my websites. You get one raffle ticket for every $10 you donate to Komen Foundation on my pledge page However, the pledge page has a minimum of $15, which I didn’t know when I set the raffle up. Pledges must be received by October 17.

Hope all is well.


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