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Meredithbead newsletter
June 2007
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June 2007

Once again, slowness is my middle name.  ( I lied -- actually, it's Karen.)  I was hoping to devote this month's newsletter to a new product page.

It isn't there yet.  And at the rate I'm going, it may not be there next month either.  The short answer is -- good intentions blahblahblah and I never met 4,000 projects that I didn't want to start simultaneously.

So on (or back) to the mundane stuff:  postal rates.  Seems the  Post Office still isn't sure what they're doing with the new rates and classifications.  I just got an envelope back today that has been making the rounds of the  postal offices for 9 days now.  I could have walked it through faster.  Reason?  "Insufficient postage" according to the little sticker.  Which wouldn't be so weird except that I spent 1/2 hour at the
Orange countyPO talking to the supervisor about the new rates and what constitutes what classification.  Then the PO supervisor told me EXACTLY how much postage I needed for this envelope.  Which I put on.  And which their central office deemed insufficient.  HELLLOOOOO??????

If you hear the news tomorrow night about a middle aged lady in
California going postal -- it was me.  Please send nice cards to my jail address, which will be the entire contents of the July newsletter. 

The good news is -- overseas small package rates have been un-re-classified.  Which means that they're back to being classified as what they were, except a little bit more  money -- but not the huge rate increase that the Post Office PUBLISHED ON THEIR WEBSITE last month.  If you can figure out what that un-re-classification is -- please write the Post Office.  I'm sure they'd love to know.

July birthstone:  Ruby.
No, I don't have any.

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