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Meredithbead newsletter
December 2010
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December 2010


2010 was a struggle. 2010 was a blessing.

I learned more than I ever wanted to know about internet marketing and SEO. I edited way too many pictures. I made many new friends.

I was going to wait for January 1 to do something New Year-ish -- but I'm hardly one to follow conventions, even my own. So I'm giving this set away.

Just. Because.

Because you're my friends and my customers and my fellow artists. Thank you for being in my life.

All you need to do is write something New year-ish, holiday-ish, or ish-ish --, as a reply to this letter, or in this Facebook discussion topic:
and you have to be either a Meredithbead Facebook fan, or a newsletter subscriber.
On Monday night, 11:59:59 pm, I'll draw one lucky name from the magic mixing bowl and announce the winner. As soon as I get your address, I'll mail the set.

More details on the jewelry:

Happy Holidays!  Happy everything!
December's birthstone is turquoise.  In Native American, Chinese and Tibetan cultures, turquoise is a sacred stone used for protection. It strengthens the thymus gland and the body's immunity. Turquoise increases the levels of life-energy available to our body, and gives its wearer emotional vibrancy. 5th chakra.
I carry a large variety of turquoise jewelry and pendants in my various shops.  Write me if you need help finding anything!

Today's metal prices:
GOLD $1368.50 per ounce
SILVER $28.78

Yes, it's still going up.

exclusive hand-crafted jewelry:
jewelry and findings:
religious and cultural jewelry:
poetry and essays (my writing website)