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Meredithbead newsletter
April 2011
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April 2011

Happy Spring!

My house is clean from top to bottom, thanks to the annual spring ritual called kashering for Passover, or spring cleaning (depending on your tradition.)    For 15 whole minutes, I get to look at my house and be blinded by its near perfection -- ignoring the needed repairs, of course.  It feels really good.

It's also really exhausting. Not just the physical labor, but the time taken away from what I really want to do:  creating. Last week I finished taxes.  The week before it was picture editing -- so it's three weeks since I let my imagination fly.  (The IRS really frowns on that kind of stuff, BTW.)

In a perfect world, I'd design gorgeous jewelry and write brilliant poetry 24/7.  In the real world, I break all my nails cleaning, curse the IRS, and try to stay awake editing photos.

Sometimes we have to shovel the garbage to see the rainbows. Or something like that. Tomorrow is laundry day.  I'll let you know if the sky appears after I'm done folding.


On February 19,  the headline on the front page of the Business section of my newspaper shouted, "Silver hits a 31-year high!" $32.835, to be exact.  What's it today?

SILVER $42.26
GOLD $1504.00

I've given up thinking metal prices will come down any time in the near future.


April birthstone:
Attracts spiritual unity. Protects from and detoxifies poisonous influences. Amplifies energy.

May birthstone:
Mentally calms by removing hidden fears.  Balances the heart.



ArtFire is giving away a $100 gift certificate every day between now and May 15 (and possibly longer, depending on how the promo goes.)  To win, all you have to do is sign up for a daily email for that day's Collection product showcase.

You only have to sign up once.  ArtFire is a class act, so your email won't be shared or spammed.

If you win, you can use your gift certificate at any pro studio -- but as an added incentive, I'll throw in an extra $10 credit if you choose me. (And you don't have to make a choice until you actually win.)

The link to enter is
Remember, there's a winner every day!

My ArtFire studio


Depending on what you celebrate --

and in May

Oh -- and Happy Birthday to me on May 21.


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