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Meredithbead newsletter
July 2011
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July 2011

I’m drowning in Photoshop.

Back in March, a friend sent me a redone pic of one of the earrings on my website. "How do you like it?" she asked.

It was infinitely better than anything I had ever done.

She then sent a step-by-step tutorial (her own writing, not a link) of how to achieve similar results. I tried it, and I was hooked.

For the next four months, I spent 40-50 hours every week (in addition to 30 hours/week for production and marketing) redoing photos. Several thousand picture files on my computer, edited and uploaded to my various websites.

And then I did it again, because I knew I could make them better.

Maybe I’m crazy – and most certainly I’m a workaholic – but it’s as if each of those picture files was a tiny block of cement that I had been carrying around and hating for all these years. When I finally uploaded the last picture, the sack of cement melted from my shoulders.

The redone websites:

Take a look! Yes, I can hear you sighing all the way to California.



You might notice that several of my websites are missing from the above list. With the exception of the wholesale findings and earring findings (pierced and non-pierced) pages on , those sites get very few views and almost no sales.

The conundrum: do I replace the pictures on those sites, or concentrate my efforts on adding new product to the websites that sell? I say "new product," but...

If I don’t replace the old pictures, should I let them sit, or delete them?

Should I consolidate all my bead and findings pages onto ? — another several-months project. If so, it will be later rather than sooner. I really need to get back to the creative part of my life.

As always, your feedback is welcome.


July birthstone:

RUBY — Balances and energizes the heart, both emotionally and in physical functions. Enhances confidence and our relationships with others. Improves blood circulation. 1st chakra.


available at



August birthstone

PERIDOT — Balances the spirit energies while strengthening the physical body. 4th chakra.



both of these available at


The news we don't want to hear --
Today's metal prices:
GOLD $1599.00/ounce
SILVER $40.33/ounce

I’m going to the twice-yearly wholesale gift show at the LA Convention Center this weekend. Are there any beads or findings that you’d like me to look for, as either a supply or a component in finished jewelry? If a supply — be as specific as possible, and tell me your price range.

Stay cool!


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