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Meredithbead newsletter
March 2013
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March - April 2013

Disclaimer: The beginning of this newsletter has a lot of personal stuff, for all of you who asked. If you’re interested in business news only, start reading below the long wavy ~~~ line.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2012 was hell. I left Cali for NY in January to see Mom. We were worried that she was not well and not being taken care of. What I saw shocked me. Mom had lost 30 lbs. in 3 months and could barely keep her head up. She cried every time she spoke.

I flew her down to Florida to stay at my sister’s house. I was so scared she wouldn’t even survive the plane trip.

Several days later, she started throwing up and we took her to the hospital. Five days after that, the doctor said she had metastasized pancreatic cancer and had maybe a week to live. Mom weighed 87 lbs.

We moved her to hospice. My sister and I sat at her side all day long and only went home to sleep. My brother who lived 3 hours away was with Mom half the time, driving back and forth as he couldn’t take off work for the entire duration.

Mom lived for five weeks after her diagnosis. To the end, even when she was too weak to talk, she would whisper "I love you" to all of us when we came near. She was 85.

Funeral in New York. I stayed in NY for a week to take care of details. In all, I was gone for 2 months.

For the rest of the year, I had the feeling that I just ... couldn’t ... catch ... up.

Then in early December when I was getting ready for my holiday shows, I got a call from my NY brother’s best friend. Philip was in the hospital with end stage colon cancer. I flew to NY and sat by his hospital bed for seven days until he passed. He was 53.

As my sister said, "We were just getting over Mom – and now Phil."

2012 was not a good year.

I was going to write this in January. I was going to send a newsletter in February. Several of you had emailed and I kept promising ...

I’ve been overwhelmed, but I finally feel I can breathe again.

And that’s the short story.


After much debate, I changed my credit card processor. My sales rep was the best I could ask for, but the fees were more than my business could justify. If you order by credit card, the "from" will now be my email.

Metal prices:
Silver $28.64
Gold $1598.25
both of which are a tiny bit lower than this time last year. Not that I ever again expect to see the prices from three or four years ago.

Bad news on the findings front – everyone’s favorite jump ring, the angle cut, is no longer being manufactured. Period. I’m completely sold out of the medium size. I checked a bunch of secondary sellers and they’re out too. I have VERY limited quantities of the small 3x4mm. I was able to score a few more of the large 6x7mm, but when they’re gone, they’re gone.

The larger screw backs in sterling silver and gold-filled are no longer being manufactured either. I have very limited quantities. However, the sterling 3mm screw back is still being made, so they’re in regular stock.

Mail rates went up again – a little in the US, but a lot for sending packages overseas. Teeny weeny earrings now are $6.55 to send to Canada. Large orders of earring backs are significantly higher.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We can’t control everything that happens in life – but going forward, we make decisions that impact the future. I can’t make 2012 better, but maybe I can make 2013 a little easier for you.

These coupons are good for a one-time use until the end of 2013. You can combine shipping and merchandise coupons.

10% off all merchandise.
Shipping – free for US orders of $40 or more, $100 for overseas.

25% off all merchandise.
Shipping – free for US orders over $10, and foreign orders over $25.

Thanks for being here.

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