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Meredithbead newsletter
November 2011
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November 2011 

Free parking!!

No pepper spray!!


The news is downright freakish. People are pepper-spraying each other over ... what? A new video game? A cheap computer?

As if it’s OK to pepper spray another human being to save $100. As if it’s OK to knife them to save $150. As if it’s OK to trample people to death so you’re the first person to snag some great deal that you’ll get tired of by next year anyhow.

I was going to write a cheery holiday newsletter, but today’s events are too staggering. We’re not just willing to kill people over politics or religion — we’re willing to kill them over the latest electronic toy.

For the past several years, Black Friday has been synonymous with mayhem, and sometimes, death. There’s not a sale in the world that would entice me to risk my life or health, or the life and health of another.

Here’s to online shopping and local craft fairs. And values — where consumerism isn’t the highest form of worship.


I learned long ago that I can’t compete with big box stores or products made in China. Can’t offer 50% off. Can’t give free shipping on a $2 item.

But here’s what I can do:

From now until the end of Cyber Monday (Pacific time)


Free shipping on all USA orders. Free shipping international orders $15 and up.

FINDINGS (except for non-pierced earring backs)

USA free shipping $15 and up

International free shipping $20 & up.


USA free shipping $20 & up.

International free shipping $25 & up.

10% off orders totaling $100 or more (OK, I'm an optimist...) You can combine shops to get the total.

Plus free parking and no pepper spray.


November’s birthstones are

TOPAZ (which I don’t have) Relieves tension and volatile emotions (hmmm... maybe a good stone for today?)

and CITRINE Increases self-confidence, optimism, and awareness. Encourages the flow of creativity. Improves blood circulation and digestion. 2nd-3rd chakras.

December’s birthstone is TURQUOISE In Native American, Chinese and Tibetan cultures, turquoise is a sacred stone used for protection. It strengthens the thymus gland and the body's immunity. Turquoise increases the levels of life-energy available to our body, and gives its wearer emotional vibrancy. 5th chakra.

Today’s metal prices:

Sterling Silver: $31.51

Gold: $1681.00

No, I’m not going to comment.

Have a happy, healthy, and SAFE holiday season!

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