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Meredithbead newsletter
January 2012
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January 2012

To-do lists, like waistlines, grow larger with age.

I've given up on New Year's resolutions. Either I'm going to do something or I'm not, and announcing my goals to the larger universe doesn't seem to make a whit of difference. Rather, I'd like to finish up my goals from 2011 ... or 2010 ... or 2009...

January's birthstone is garnet. Garnet amplifies and energizes the properties of other stones. Acts as a lens to energize the body’s repair mechanisms. Stimulates blood flow, and inspires creativity and love. 1st chakra.

This tigereye and garnet briolette necklace is rich and elegant, and a perfect gift to warm up January:

February's birthstone is amethyst. Amethyst calms and stabilizes the mind. Aids in exploring higher spiritual energy and alternative consciousness. 6th chakra.

Amethyst briolette earrings are classic and regal Purple is the color of royalty. Buy these for yourself:

Today's Metal prices:

Sterling Silver: $29.69

Gold: $1637.00

They've gone down infinitismally since the last newsletter.

My Mom is very ill and I will be out of town from January 18 to February 12 with only occasional internet access. My online shops will all remain open, but with limitations.

JEWELRY: My husband passed the advanced course in Bubble Wrap Envelopes and thinks he can match pictures and mail jewelry with the best of neophytes. I've even given him permission to forge my signature on thank you notes.

What he can't do -- make jewelry. No custom colors, lengths, or earring backs. 90% of my online jewelry is currently in stock, but there's no way I can make the other 10% before I leave. If you order something that's unavailable or needs custom changes, he'll email and give you the choice of waiting until I get back, or canceling the order with full refund.


He says my storage system is too confusing (not really...) -- and since most of these items don't have pictures, he'd rather not risk sending the wrong thing. So no findings shipments while I'm gone. However, you're welcome to send in an order, and I'll fill it as soon as I get home.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year! and lots of chocolate for Valentines Day

Thanks for your understanding.


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