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Meredithbead newsletter

July 2007

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                             July 2007

First of all, I want to apologize for the small mess in the June newsletter.  I hit the "to" button instead of "bcc."  The split second I realized that I had done it, the letter was already gone.  This shouldn't happen again.

A few of you requested that I write about the monthly birthstone, even if I don't carry that gem on my website.

July:  Ruby (translucent dark red) strengthens and balances the heart, and improves the quality of certain feelings associated with the heart -- self-esteem, courage, and our loving relationship with others.  I don't have ruby jewelry or beads.

August:  Peridot (clear lime green) strengthens and heals these organs:  thyroid, pancreas, heart, liver, and spleen.  It also balances all the spirit bodies.  I carry peridot jewelry, but not loose beads.

Which brings us to tada-tada (trumpet flares) ...
The first ever Meredithbead newsletter contest,

              "Find The Peridot"

Object of the contest:  to find all the jewelry containing peridot on my websites (below.)
Grand prize: (one only) $25 gift certificate to be used on any of my websites, plus free shipping on that order.
2nd prize: (no limit) 10% off your next order, and free regular USPS shipping.

Here's what you need to do:  find (pictures of) all items containing peridot, and write down their stock numbers.  Email those stock numbers to me.  I'll send a "Thanks for entering" receipt so you know I got your email.

Contest dates -- from whenever you read this, until August 7, 2007, 11:59:59 pm California time (PST or PDT, I can never remember.)

Contest eligibility -- all newsletter subscribers; and all customers, from craft fairs or online (yes, I know who you are!) who have purchased jewelry or supplies from me in the past.  If you sign up for the newsletter during the duration of the contest, then you're eligible to enter the contest.

Contest winners -- the pool of winners will be defined as those people who find all the correct stock numbers, and do not include any incorrect items.  These all are 2nd prize winners.

Then I will write down the name of each 2nd prize winner on a separate little piece of paper, crumple this paper, and throw it into a hat (or bowl, or basket, whatever is closest.)  The name on the randomly chosen paper ball will be the Grand Prize Winner.

Picky details, hints, and further clarifications:
1. Please do not send multiple entries from all your email addresses!  The one where I send your newsletter is the only eligible address.  However, if you mail in your entry and want to change it later in the contest, you're allowed ONE change, which will invalidate your previous entry.

2. For the duration of this contest, no items containing peridot will we added to or removed from my websites.

3. There are no pictures of peridot jewelry snuck onto pages where you would not normally expect to see them, such as "Ordering Information" or "Sizes."

4. IMPORTANT HINT -- when two items are in a picture (such as a necklace and earring set) if one item contains peridot, then probably the other one does, too.  I need both stock numbers!

5. IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION  -- if text indicates that an item is available in both ss and gf, I want the stock number(s) of the item(s) shown in the picture.

6. If there is no text, either on the picture itself or below it, which says "peridot" then there is no peridot in the picture.

I've added 20 new gorgeous jewelry pics to my websites.  Some of these contain peridot (wink, wink!)

And if you're placing a largish order between now and the contest closing, and you win 2nd prize, you can choose to take your 10% in free stuff retroactively.  (Which means I will not send a monetary refund, but you can get the 10% worth in a free mailing.  OR you can apply it to a future order -- your choice.)

Happy hunting!

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