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Meredithbead newsletter
August 2009
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August 2009

I'm slowly entering the world of social marketing.  Several months ago, I joined LinkedIn, a network for professionals in all fields.  If you're a member, I'm listed under Meredith Laskow and would love to be added to your network.

Two weeks ago I joined Facebook and created a fan page for my business

Of course, you're welcome to join and so are your friends.

And now that I'm done with the intro ---
August is Social Networking Month!  (declared by me)

FREE shipping for jewelry, books and bead supplies
$10 minimum order U.S and Canadian
$15 minimum everywhere else

for members of my social network, which is defined as any of the following:
Newsletter subscribers
LinkedIn network
Facebook fans
Facebook friends
Past customers

Please tell your friends!


I also have a shop on Etsy
which contains about 10% of the jewelry from my combined websites.  I'm equally happy whichever site you choose to buy from.  If you go through the Etsy checkout system during August,  you pay the shipping up front but I'll refund it as soon as I receive the paid invoice.

Tripod, which hosts several of my websites, is changing over to a new system (Easy Cheezy Web Builder II) as of July 31.  Hopefully, nothing will disappear or explode.
August birthstone:  Peridot
Balances the spirit energies while strengthening the physical body.  4th chakra.   I have peridot jewelry but not supplies.

Today's metal prices:
$13.40 Sterling Silver
$932.50 Gold
--- both slightly less than they were last month.  T'would be nice if it's a trend.

Stay cool!

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jewelry and findings:
religious and cultural jewelry:
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