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Meredithbead newsletter

May 2007

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 Hi All,

I know you're thinking, "Meredith, isn't May almost over??"  Yeah, I noticed that too.  I worked 80 hours a week for three weeks in a row -- and then it was my birthday.  (Non-perishable gifts, especially large sums of money, are always welcome )  The good news is, I had a great birthday and I'm still alive to tell about it.  The other good news is, my May craft fairs were all fantastic, and my work schedule will remain at a more humane level until the fall.

The biggest news not directly related to moi is the hike in postal rates.  My bubble wrap envelopes, instead of being a regular envelope that just needed an extra stamp, have now been re-defined as a package, which is an entirely new and different rate system.  For small items sent within the USA, this won't make a huge difference -- 50 cents to $1 extra -- not the end of life on Planet Earth as we know it, and still cheaper than UPS.  For foreign packages, however, the reclassification as "package" means a huge rate hike, starting at $20 a package for just about anything.  I'll go to the Post Office again to check this out -- I last went there three days after the new rates were in effect, and none of the tellers knew much of jack anything, because their new guideline books weren't very specific on many items.  If I hear otherwise, I'll include it in the June newsletter.  In the mean time, I'll research UPS again for overseas delivery.

Birthstones for June:
MOONSTONE balances emotions in biorhythms and for moon-based cycles (menstrual).  Helps link to higher consciousness.
I have some finished jewelry using moonstone, but not loose beads.

PEARL a soothing balancer of emotions.
I sell both pearl strands and beads (for re-stringing) and many finished jewelry pieces utilizing pearls.

Until June,


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