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Meredithbead newsletter

April 2007

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  April 2007

I'm thinking ahead to May (and not even getting a panic attack!) Why? May is the busiest month of the year for my jewelry business.

May. Not November or December, with holiday season gift buying. Not the summer months, with all the craft festivals. May.

May is Mothers' Day. May is panicky brides ordering custom jewelry for themselves or bridesmaids. (I say panicky, because the non-panicky ones have already done this.) May is equally panicked mothers of the bride, ordering THEIR jewelry for the big occasion. May is graduations. May is vacation planning, with the requisite jewelry to match new outfits.

If you know you'll need jewelry for any of the above events, think about ordering it now, while we're both still fairly sane.

If your Mothers' Day gifts always come with the apology, "I didn't know what to get you..." send your loved ones over to my websites. If they're really clueless, tell them you want a gift certificate.

And if you're one of my findings/supplies customers, think about how you can use these occasions to grow your own business.

New this month: Findings: bead crimp covers, in 2.5mm and 3mm sterling and gold filled. Are you interested in other sizes? Copper? Write me!

April: Diamond
May: Emerald
--- No, I don't have any of these.

If you know someone whom you think would enjoy this newsletter, tell them to write me, and I'll add their name. Your email address is never sold, traded, or used to buy off-shore lottery tickets.

Till May,

P.S. -- for those of you who are following my illustrious writing career, I recently won 1st Prize for the
February-March contest on BoomerWomenSpeak. The topic was "What Is Your Dream?" Read my essay here:



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