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Meredithbead newsletter
August 2007
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August 2007

July's "Find The Peridot" contest is over. There were 20 separate items of peridot jewelry shown in the pictures. The correct answers are:  

from website)                                                                            eb-6                                                                                                                             fwn-7                                                                                                                           fwn-7e                                                                                                                          bri-n6-gf                                                                                                                       bri-e6-gf

(from tripod website)                                                                                   n1                                                                                                                     n1e                                                                                                            an5                                                                                                          ch13                                                                                                       ch13e                                                                                                    ch13lb                                                                                                                          ch14                                                                                                                            ch22                                                                                                                          ch22e                                                                                                                            e14 (ss or gf)                                                                                                                e44                                                                                                                               ex8                                                                                                                             ex23

And the news you've all been waiting for — Only two people found ALL the peridot, so instead of the original plan to have one grand prize winner and an unlimited number of 2nd prizes, I've decided to award the grand prize of a $25 gift certificate plus free shipping to each of the winners:

Donna F. from Georgia                                                                                                Marla S. from Ohio

Congratulations to both of you!

Quite a few other people found 19 items. ex8 (on the large earrings page) was the item most frequently missed.

Thanks to everyone who entered.


August: Peridot (clear lime green) strengthens and heals these organs: thyroid, pancreas, heart, liver, and spleen. It also balances all the spirit bodies. I carry peridot jewelry, but not loose beads. Okay, you knew all that from the contest.

September: Sapphire (translucent medium blue) aids in intuition and prayer. Helps to center and heal one's physical and emotional spheres. I do not carry sapphire.

Last month was about the jewelry. This month — some news about findings. All my sterling and gold-filled items are in stock. I've added new solid copper items:

2mm round beads $14/1000                                                                                          3mm round beads $15/1000                                                                                          2x2 crimp tube $30/1000 or $4/100

I have big craft shows the first two weekends in September, so the next newsletter may wait until after that.

Have a happy rest of the summer!                                                                           Meredith

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