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Meredithbead newsletter
October 2007
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Hi All,

I kind of missed September's newsletter, didn't I?  The short answer is "busy."  Not "good busy" like making a million $$$$ at my last craft fair, and thankfully not "bad busy," like my house just burned down.  Just, you know, the usual-biz busy.

Speaking of -- several of you wrote to ask how I've been doing, seeing that much of Southern California has gone up in flames.  Major fires -- Santiago Canyon, 20 miles SE of here -- have been raging since Sunday, but getting closer to containment.  Still stupidly hot (95) and bone dry, but thankfully the winds have died down.  Sobering.  No matter how far we think we've gone, Mother Nature reminds us where we stand.

 If you're in this neck of the planet, stay hydrated.

On to jewelry.
Two news items:
1.  My supplier of silver-plate and gold-plate non-pierced earring backs has just raised prices 50% across the board, and I'm looking for a new supplier.  I have a "short list" of ~200 manufacturers, most of whom don't have websites.  Since I don't have a lot of free time to make phone calls I'll give it 3 weeks.  If by that time I haven't found a new supplier, I'll go back to the old one, but please be advised that all new prices will be ~50% higher than current rates.  Right now, I'm selling whatever I have at the old rates.  I'll tell you in the November newsletter if my supply quest has been successful.

2.  I have a new web page!
Laboratory-grown opal jewelry has been my single best seller for the two years I've carried it,  and is probably long-overdue for having its own page.  Not un-coincidentally, opal is the birthstone for October.

Opal promotes harmony on the psychic, mental and emotional levels, and is especially useful for stabilizing emotional states.  Lab opals are chemically identical to real (ground-based) opals, but I can't say if the properties are changed at all.

Till November,

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